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Openwell Monoset Pumps
  • Compactly designed pump set for easy handling and installation.
  • High-grade cast iron for a better life even in heavy and contaminated water.
  • Front side carbon bearing with Stainless Steel Thrust Plate and Backside SG Iron Plate with Gunmetal Bush for longer life under various conditions.
  • Stamping is done with Electrical Grade Silicon Steel for lower power consumption and higher product life.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Design for highest energy efficiency in the pump set.
  • Dynamically Balancing Rotating part to ensure minimum noise and vibration-free operation.
  • No Foundation Required
  • Pump always Operates under water hence
    • No suction or Priming Problem.
    • No Possibility of burning of motor.
    • No water level gaurd required
    • Noise Free, Leak Proof
    • No galnd Leakage
    • No regular maintenance required in has compared to monoblock or couple
  • Motor  designed to withstand wider voltage fluctuation.
  • Monoset pumps are generally installed at the bottom of tank/well , its performance do not affect due to change in water level.
  • Foot valve and elaborate suction piping are not required as pump set is fully submerged in water and hence no priming problem.
  • Irrigation from open wells, specially where there is a wide fluctuation in water levels
  • Community water supply from open wells
  • Canals and rivers
  • Agriculture
  • Pumping of water in multistroied building.
  • Open well submersible
  • Water supply for cooling tower.
Stator Shell Stainless steel / Cast iron
Thrust Bearing Teflon/Carbon with SS segments
Bearings Bush Leaded Tin Bronze/ Carbon
Shaft Stainless steel
Suction Strainers Stainless steel / Engineering Plastic
Wallet Casing Cast iron
Impleller Cast iron / Engineering Plastic


Power Range 0.5 to 10.0 HP
Voltage Range 220V- 240V, AC Single phase , 50Hz
  340V- 440V, AC Three phase , 50Hz
Speed 2880RPM
Motor Type Water filled Water Cooled motor
Head Maximum 10 M to 54 M
Discharge Maximum 1900 LPM
Liquid temperature Maximum 35ºC
Sand content in water Maximum 50 PPM


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